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Posted by I Bike Fresno Monday, June 09, 2014

Bike Month has come to an end. Together, we rode dozens of thousands of miles, burned millions of calories, won 31 days of prizes, and had a whole heck of a lot of bike riding-related joy. One of the final Bike Month matters to take care of: Grand prizes. You're all winners in our book, but the following people are the actual winners.

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Welcome to I Bike Fresno, your hub for all things biking in Fresno County. We will be your resource and your inspiration to move you to a new and lasting relationship with your trusty old friend, your bike. I Bike Fresno will show you that your bicycle is not JUST a recreational item, but a tool for transportation, independence AND joy. We are closer than ever to seeing Fresno become a bike-friendly community. The movement has begun. We’re on a roll. Join us!

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