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Traveling To Chicago

So, I am going to be traveling to Chicago on business soon and I was thinking about bringing my bike with me. This brings up a box full of issues. What is the best way to transport a bike across the country? Of course, I could just rent a bike once I get to Chicago […]

Get Your Kids Interested In Cycling

We love our hobby and typically want to share it with friends, family and most of all our children. Getting your kids involved in cycling will have a number of benefits. In addition to being a great bonding opportunity, it is fabulous exercise. As we all know, kids today get far too little exercise so […]

Funding Cycling -Money, Loans, ETC

Cycling in Fresno can be an expensive thing if you let it. Sure, you could just get a cheap bike and a helmet and be done with it, but where is the fun in that. No, we want to get the best gear and we want the best bikes and we do not want to […]

Tips For New Cyclers

Getting into cycling? Here are a few quick tips that every newbie should know.  Always Wear A HelmetMost injuries from cycling are a result of not wearing proper protective gear. Always wear a helmet to protect your head. This not only protects you but sets a good example for others, especially if you have kids. […]

How To Change A Bike Tire

Changing a bike tire is a skill that any bike rider should have. Male, female, teen, adult, you need to know how to change a tire and you should carry the tools needed to do it with you for those unexpected tire repairs. Luckily, changing a bicycle tire is incredibly easy and something that anyone […]

Welcome Back I Bike Fresno

After a short hiatus, the website is back, albeit in a new direction. Check back often for articles about biking in the Fresno area. Learn about trails, trips, gear, bikes and so much more. Bookmark us and be sure to subscribe to our feed.