This is a Community Bike Calendar and we want you to submit your event. The event can be anything from a small fun ride to get ice cream, to a bike advocacy meeting, to a huge weekend century. If it is bike related, we want the community to know about it. We hope this will grow to be a central resource for all bike related events in Fresno and the surrounding areas. Just register on the site and you can post. Happy riding!

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05/24/2015 Bike to the Park - Grizzlies Game Community
05/28/2015 peDal jUnkies Bike Polo Community
05/29/2015 Critical Mass Fresno Rides
05/30/2015 Bike Month is dead, long live Bike Month! Community
05/31/2015 National Women's Ride Day - Sandal's Lunch Ride Rides
05/31/2015 End of Bike Month Potluck Community
06/06/2015 Steven's Bicycles Food Truck Run Rides
06/11/2015 Smart Cycling Part I: Classroom and Lecture Community
06/13/2015 Smart Cycling Part II: Bike Campus and Road Community
06/21/2015 Steven's Bicycles Family Fun and Fitness Ride Rides
10/17/2015 Valley Girls Ride Rides

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