Bike Month 2015 is coming soon. 

31 Days of Prizes Winners

We're giving away a new prize every day during the month of May (that's 31 Days of Prizes, but who's counting?). To win, just ride your bike and log your miles here at ibikefresno.org. Every day you log miles in the Million Mile Challenge, you’ll be entered into that day’s drawing. The next day, we’ll select a name at random from that pool of riders for a chance to win some awesome prizes. Drawings for each day happen at noon the following day (e.g., the drawing for miles logged on Monday will take place at noon on Tuesday) to give you time to get your miles in. Get more info on our Facebook page.

Check back each day to find out that day's prize and see previous winners.

  Winner Prize(s)
May 1 ???
May 2 ???
May 3 ???
May 4 ???
May 5 ???
May 6 ???
May 7 ???
May 8 ???
May 9 ???
May 10 ???
May 11 ???
May 12 ???
May 13 ???
May 14 ???
May 15 ???
May 16 ???
May 17 ???
May 18 ???
May 19 ???
May 20 ???
May 21 ???
May 22 ???
May 23 ???
May 24 ???
May 25 ???
May 26 ???
May 27 ???
May 28 ???
May 29 ???
May 30 ???
May 31 ???

Thank Yous

None of this would be possible without these fiiiine bike-friendly companies. You should do business with them. Buy stuff from them. Tell 'em thanks for supporting biking in Fresno.

Awesome Companies and Organizations


  1. Prize drawing for any given day in May will occur at noon the following day. This gives you a chance to enter your miles for the previous day if you forgot when you got home.
  2. Daily prize will only be drawn from the pool of people who logged miles THAT DAY. So if you rode on a Monday but not on Tuesday you would be in Monday's drawing but not in Tuesday's.
  3. Winners will be contacted via the email associated with their ibikefresno.org login.
  4. Prizes left unclaimed for more than two weeks after a winner is announced will be placed back into the prize pool for other bike events.
  5. You are eligible to win on any day you log your miles.
  6. Drawing for the bicycle will occur on June 1st. The pool of eligible riders will be anyone who logged miles in the month of May. 

Fine print: Prizes and rules subject to change.


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