My 4 Least Favorite things About Biking (And how they’re actually my most favorite)

Let’s get real here, sometimes I lack the motivation to ride. There are plenty of reasons we all love biking, but what about the reasons we don’t.
  1. Having to change if I’m working out: Alright, this is just silly, but it’s a feeling I’m sure a lot of you have even when it comes down to other physical activities. But hey, you know what I did to fix that? I went out and bought myself some comfy shoes and workout gear that MADE me want to dress up and ride. Leave them next to your bed so they’re always ready (sitting, staring, judging) for you to throw on and go.
  2. Lack of space to carry things: It’s frustrating to have to carry a large load on your back or figure out a way to strap a bag of groceries behind you when you’ve got enough onions back there to fend off a vampire army. Here’s the thing though: riding a bike means that you’re required to downsize on all the junk you’d typically throw into your car. There are also some really cool (and low cost!) bags and baskets for your bike available at your local bike shop. Looks like I didn’t need to lug around a trunk-full of shoes and extra junk after all.
  3. Not enough bikes on the road: I honestly used to be a little embarrassed biking around and that’s part of why I stopped as a teenager. Also I was scared for my life because people made me believe that if you rode a bike you were bound to be road kill. Everyone that was cool drove a car and for some reason it was bikers that were ostracized. But the last few years I’ve seen that turn around. It’s evident that Fresno now has a healthy biking community and I feel safe and glad to be a part of it.
  4. Getting sweaty: When you think about it, even this isn’t really much of a deterrent. Just slow down and use deodorant. But honestly you get used to getting a little bit of sweat going and I take it as a sign of pride my body is accomplishing something.


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