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We Need Your Help!!!

Bike lanes. We love ‘em. Looks like there is a bike lane project on the City Council consent calendar for Thursday, May 23rd. The proposed bike lane would convert Fruit Avenue to a complete street between Shaw and Herndon. That means turning the four lanes into three lanes and adding bike lanes on both sides of the street. BUT there are some rumblings that this item will not be approved. Since there appears to be some concern that the project may be voted down, we need your help.


We need you to get in touch with your Council member and let them know you are in favor of the Fruit Avenue bike lane project. This road diet has only been proposed because it meets all the condition for such a project without adversely affecting car traffic. This project would be another step towards providing exceptional access to every resident of this city. Cars, bikes, and pedestrians alike.

Click the link below to go to the Fresno County Bicycle Coalition’s information on the Fruit Avenue Road Diet and how to contact your Council member.

Make your voice heard and make a difference today!

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