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What is I Bike Fresno? Who is I Bike Fresno? What is the Bike Master Plan? Great questions. Glad you asked!

What is I Bike Fresno?

Simply, I Bike Fresno is a campaign to find a way to get YOU on your bike more today than you were yesterday. We want to show you all the great places to bike in Fresno County for exercise, commuting or family fun. We’d like to be your resource for “All Things Biking” here in Fresno.

Need to know a good trail to take the family for a ride on? ibikefresno.org
How about where all the bike shops are in town? ibikefresno.org
Have you been thinking about commuting to work, but not sure how? ibikefresno.org Wanna get your bike race on? ibikefresno.org

League of American Bicyclists (National Organization) has awarded the Bronze Medal Designation to the City of Fresno as a Bicycle Friendly Community. Fresno installed over 30 miles of new bike lanes in 2010. Only to be outdone by New York City. With the approval of the Bike Master Plan in Nov of 2010, new ones are being striped every day. With new people biking every day and new people following ibikefresno.org on Facebook and Twitter every day, the movement to get Fresno on bicycles is underway! If you aren't on a bicycle, you are missing out!

Who is I Bike Fresno?

Well, we are. You and me. All of us who are interested in biking in Fresno and making it a safer and more bike accessible place. Founded by JP Marketing, the Fresno County Bicycle Coalition and the City of Fresno in 2010; I Bike Fresno is now an initiative of the Bike Happy Foundation. But really, I Bike Fresno belongs to all of us who want to show our fellow Fresnans that riding your bike is fun, healthy and easy.

What is the Bike Master Plan?

In 2010 the City of Fresno completed and adopted the Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails Master Plan. This is a comprehensive and progress document that not only creates a vision for the future of biking in the City but it also focuses on implementation to create a network and system of bicycle infrastructure such as trails and bike lanes to get bike riders to their destination. This document is intended to be a resource and tool and has something for everyone.

For maps and more information on the Bike Master Plan visit www.fresno.gov/bmp

What does it mean for Fresno to be a “Bicycle Friendly Community?”

The City of Fresno is situated in a natural environment that encourages outdoor activity. Summers are hot and dry, with plenty of sunshine. Winters are mild. The wettest month is March, with only 2.2 inches of rain. The geography is also amenable to bicycling. Built on a flat valley floor, the city makes for easy riding and offers wide boulevards, shady neighborhoods, and plenty of interesting routes to all parts of town.

Recreational cycling is a recognized and accepted activity choice. Bicycle clubs have been encouraging road rides in the nearby foothills for decades. Established mountain bike races take place each year. Urban cyclists flourish with established and well-attended events such as Bike Hop, a monthly tour of art galleries on Art Hop night, Bike Polo, and the Halloween ride.

As the many commuting cyclists in Fresno already know, biking to work is an excellent way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, reduce expenses, save the air, and reduce congestion. But many folks won't list those reasons for choosing to ride instead of drive. Instead, they'll tell you how much fun it is to ride to work in Fresno. The City of Fresno is actively encouraging bicycle commuters by building complete streets that equally serve all road users, including cyclists. Bike lanes are appearing and trails are being built that make it even easier to get around by bike.

Visitors to Fresno are surprised by how many fellow cyclists they see on the road. This change in ridership is due to the bicycle-friendly environment we have here in town. The Bicycle Master Plan provides us with a road map into the future. Bicyclists, City leadership, and all residents are working together to improve quality of life in Fresno.

Fresno Is A Bicycle Friendly Community

Who is the Bike Happy Foundation?

The Bike Happy Foundation is the 501-(c)3 that holds the assets of I Bike Fresno. Its goal is to educate, encourage and promote bicycling as a mode of transportation for people of all ages through a wide range of messages and mediums; to create and disseminate materials that support bicycle-friendly communities; to develop and execute events and event planning resources to support bicycle-friendly communities; and to generate sponsorships and execute fundraisers to fund these efforts. www.bebikehappy.org

Why should I like ibikefresno.org on Facebook?

You should connect with us on Facebook because that is where the conversation is happening. With over 3,200 people talking about biking in Fresno, its the place to get plugged into bikes everyday. Click here to check it out. 

Would you like to Volunteer with I Bike Fresno?

We are always looking for people who are passionate about bikes and want to help spread the joy of biking. We can’t do Valet Bike Parking, May is Bike Month or any other events without YOU. If you’re interested in being an I Bike Fresno volunteer, please fill out our Volunteer Form and we will get in contact with you.


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