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I Bike Fresno’s handy Google Trails map, also embedded below. This map includes both the Sugar Pine, the Lewis S. Eaton and the McKenzie Trail with some points of interest and places to make an afternoon. 

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Sugar Pine Trail/Old Town Trail

The Sugar Pine Trail is the main paved trail in Fresno and Clovis, and it stretches more than 10 miles through both cities (in Clovis it's called the Old Town Trail). You can ride from Riverpark to Sierra Vista and never leave the trail.

Most major road crossings have tunnels making it a great recreational ride for families or a fast A-to-B route. Exposure to traffic is minimal except for a few street crossings and the terrain is very flat. There is also a variation that takes you through the Dry Creek Trail, a beautiful wooded area that runs along the creek. This is an amazing bicycle facility that rivals anything in a major city. If you have never biked the Sugar Pine Trail, you are missing out on a great Fresno bike ride.

ROUTE NOTE FOR FAMILIES: There is a perfect stretch from Willow to Clovis Ave. If you are driving your bikes to the trail, you can park in the Parkway Trails Shopping Center at the NE corner of Willow and Nees. The trail runs directly behind the main strip mall (behind Stevens Bicycles). Ride SE to the Minnewawa Fire Station and turn left (East) just before the bridge. This takes you through the Dry Creek Trail. When it outlets at Clovis Avenue, turn left toward Alluvial. Cross the street to the park on the NE corner. There’s a great play structure and covered picnic areas. All for just about a two mile ride.

Lewis S. Eaton Trail

The Lewis S. Eaton Trail is another great local trail. It runs parallel to Friant Road from Audubon Drive to Copper River Drive. This trail overlooks the river valley and has places to stop, sit and take in the view. While it is mostly flat, it does have a few inclines but they are pretty moderate. It’s a perfect exercise or family fun ride with no exposure to traffic. If you’re looking to get the blood pumping a little, there is a variation that takes you down a large hill. It makes for a great climb back up.

McKenzie Trail

The McKenzie Trail is a short one and a half mile trail that runs East/West parallel to McKenzie Ave. and stretches from Willow Ave. to Clovis Ave. McKenzie is located about halfway between Belmont and Tulare.

Trails Loop

Total Distance: 10.36 miles

Connect the Sugar Pine and the Lewis S. Eaton trails via Copper and Audubon.

There is only one short section that is not trail or bike lane and this is Copper between Chestnut and Willow.

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Mountain Bike Trails

You can find some great trails and mountain bike facilities at Woodward Park. We have some information in our Where To Ride Parks section.



China Peak Mountain Bike Park

During the summer from July 2nd through September 4th, China Peak has a lift-served Mountain Bike Park open weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, from 9AM - 4 PM with rental bikes available.  Bike park summer passes are available on-line or you can purchase day use tickets at the resort.

For more information click here: www.skichinapeak.com/summer.aspx

2011 CP Mountain Bike Trails:

China Peak 2011 Bike Trails



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