How exactly did you come up with these numbers?

Calories Burned = Total Miles x 50 (There's a lot of wildly different opinions about this, but the general consensus seems to be about 50 calories a mile)

Car Offset Miles = All miles logged that are either "Biked To School", "Biked To The Store" or "Biked To Work"

C02 Not Released = Car Offset Miles x 19.4 (Source)

Gas Money Saved = (Car Offset Miles / 20 MPG) x 4.205 (See previous source for MPG. Source for gas price, see entry under California for 4/18)

Biked Across the US = Total Miles / 2,973

But what about "Bike Generated Joy"?

Average person smiles five minutes per day. With two smiles per minute, each registered rider equals 10 smiles.

One pound of weight loss is equal to 100 smiles. It takes approximately 500 calories burned over your caloric intake to lose a pound, so every calorie burned is equal to 1/20th of a smile.

Every unit of CO2 not released is equal to two smiles. One for the satisfaction of making a difference and one for the satisfaction of helping the Earth.

One smile for every mile pledged.

Every car mile offset is equivalent to 17 smiles. Eight for having no traffic, six for always having great parking and three for the stoplights you won’t ever miss.

Every dollar of gas money saved is equivalent to 126 smiles.

The smile equivalent of a trip biked across the US is 5,349 smiles per cross country journey.

Each mile actually ridden is equal to one smile.

In other words:

Bike Joy = (Total RIders x 10) + (Calories Burned / 20) + (C02  Not Released x 2 ) + Pledged Miles + (Car Offset Miles x 17) + (Gas Money Saved x 126) + (Times Biked Across the US x 5349)



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