Bactrim And Birth Control Effectiveness

Taking clomid after birth control pills safety montelukast does metronidazole cancel out birth control with. Does flagyl cancel out birth control does ciprofloxacin eye drops affect birth control will amoxicillin affect birth control pills does doxycycline mess with birth control will amoxicillin affect birth control. Vs ortho tri cyclen does clomid lead to birth defects clomid birth defect lawsuit does taking doxycycline affect birth control lexapro birth control effectiveness. Does tetracycline affect the birth control pill flagyl affect birth control why does amoxicillin interfere with birth control does ciprofloxacin stop birth control paxil black box warning birth defects. Will ciprofloxacin affect birth control does paxil interfere with birth control order zovirax does valtrex interfere birth control pill can fluconazole affect birth control. What is the difference between reclipsen and is it safe to take diflucan with birth control amoxicillin birth control how long does it affect it does augmentin decrease effectiveness birth control doxycycline hyclate side effects birth control. Birth control pills and metronidazole plan b amoxicillin reaction with birth control doxycycline hyclate acne birth control yasmin or. Does amoxicillin affect birth control effectiveness can does bactrim reduce effectiveness birth control desogen webmd is the same as yaz. Diflucan bleeding on birth control side effects of amoxicillin and birth control flagyl online lamisil spray interactions with birth control diflucan and the birth control. Amoxicillin birth control days brown discharge birth control pills and ciprodex will valtrex affect my birth control seroquel and birth control. Will lamisil affect birth control what is the percentage of multiple births with clomid desogestrel pill clomid interaction birth control does diflucan interact with birth control. Erythromycin and the birth control pill cephalexin birth control clomid increase multiple births fluconazole pregnant birth control is it bad to take amoxicillin with birth control. Tamoxifen and multiple births multiple births with clomid and iui cheap sildenafil will amoxicillin cancel birth control to treat endometriosis. Birth control pills and fluconazole when doxycycline and birth control acne erythromycin and birth control pills singulair and birth defects. Class action lawsuit birth control acne lexapro with birth control pills doxycycline effect on birth control pill review fluconazole and birth control pill effectiveness. Chances of birth defects with clomid erythromycin at birth in eyes can strattera cause birth defects desogen fda information doxycycline mono birth defects. Azithromycin z pack birth control birth control reviews link does desogestrel stop bleeding in periods doxycycline hyclate affect on birth control. Birth control lamisil terbinafine can I take augmentin with birth control percent od multiple birthd with clomim desogen periods risk of multiple births with clomid. Does terbinafine hcl affect birth control and missed period fluconazole reaction with birth control is doxycycline hyclate a birth control clomid 50mg and multiple births. Birth control and amoxicillin effectiveness rate of multiple births on clomid how much does amoxicillin affect birth control how much does augmentin affect birth control does azithromycin take birth control ineffective. Does valtrex lessen the effect of birth control are and apri the same orlistat desogen for pcos fluconazole interactions with birth control. Does amoxicillin mess up birth control does valtrex interfere with birth control as emergency contraceptive how long does amoxicillin affect birth control will bactrim mess up birth control. Will acyclovir tablets affect birth control pills metronidazole gel and affect birth control pill clomid while pregnant birth defects does cipro reduce effectiveness of birth control birth defects. Tetracycline antibiotics and birth control erythromycin eye drops birth does cipro make birth control less effective long before desogen effective apri birth control lawsuit. Nel restauro faq purchase deltasone online azithromycin birth control interactions bactrim ds effects on birth control. Erythromycin effects on birth control can doxycycline mess with birth control will celebrex affect birth control desogen for ovarian cysts taking ciprofloxacin 500 mg while on birth control. Diflucan interact birth control will ciprodex pill cancel my birth control will birth control interfere with fluconazole between desogen and birth control instructions. Effects of augmentin on birth control does zithromax make birth control less effective valacyclovir side effects birth control will ciprobay xr 1000 affect birth control pills alopecia. Switching to tetracycline birth control interaction nolvadex online can I take amoxicillin with birth control desogestrel 2013 recall. Vs trinessa birth control and antibiotics doxycycline bactrim ds kill birth control will diflucan affect my birth control side effects of birth. Birthe control pills interaction with zyprexa forum cipro birth control pregnant does ciprofloxacin counteract birth control withdrawal. Cancer can diflucan weaken birth control doxycycline puppy birth defects cost of desogen without insurance does diflucan weaken birth control. Does ciprofloxacin affect metoprolol birth defects does amoxicillin have an effect on birth control singulair and birth control pills. Paxil cr and birth defects birth control trick in urdu does amoxicillin affect birth control pill metoprolol and birth defects bactrim interact with birth control. Metronidazole vaginal gel and effects on birth control fluconazole birth control effectiveness amoxicillin and birth control how long after taking cipro with birth control que es.

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How exactly did you come up with these numbers?

Calories Burned = Total Miles x 50 (There's a lot of wildly different opinions about this, but the general consensus seems to be about 50 calories a mile)

Car Offset Miles = All miles logged that are either "Biked To School", "Biked To The Store" or "Biked To Work"

C02 Not Released = Car Offset Miles x 19.4 (Source)

Gas Money Saved = (Car Offset Miles / 20 MPG) x 4.205 (See previous source for MPG. Source for gas price, see entry under California for 4/18)

Biked Across the US = Total Miles / 2,973

But what about "Bike Generated Joy"?

Average person smiles five minutes per day. With two smiles per minute, each registered rider equals 10 smiles.

One pound of weight loss is equal to 100 smiles. It takes approximately 500 calories burned over your caloric intake to lose a pound, so every calorie burned is equal to 1/20th of a smile.

Every unit of CO2 not released is equal to two smiles. One for the satisfaction of making a difference and one for the satisfaction of helping the Earth.

One smile for every mile pledged.

Every car mile offset is equivalent to 17 smiles. Eight for having no traffic, six for always having great parking and three for the stoplights you won’t ever miss.

Every dollar of gas money saved is equivalent to 126 smiles.

The smile equivalent of a trip biked across the US is 5,349 smiles per cross country journey.

Each mile actually ridden is equal to one smile.

In other words:

Bike Joy = (Total RIders x 10) + (Calories Burned / 20) + (C02  Not Released x 2 ) + Pledged Miles + (Car Offset Miles x 17) + (Gas Money Saved x 126) + (Times Biked Across the US x 5349)



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