7 Best $200 Cycling Purchases

$200 gear for bikes.

Cycling, for most of us, is about compromises. We would all like to have a top of the line bike and every imaginable piece of gear but it is just not possible. We have to buy thing little by little as money appears. That means that we need to prioritize our spending to make the most of our purchases.

For now, let’s say that you have 200 dollars to spend. Whether you had to earn, beg or borrow 200 dollars, now you have it. What is the best way to spend that money? Here are some top options.

1.  Kick A** Bike Computer

If you are not using a cycling computer, you are missing out. A nice computer can plot your routes, track your position and take your workout to the next level. Track your workouts and make sure that you get back to the trail head. COmputers like the Bryton 450 can be had for a tad under $200.

2. Race Saddle

A good one is going to start at $200, but a nice entry level race saddle is still a worthwhile purchase. They can help you position yourself for ultimate streamlining without putting pressure on areas that you really don’t want to. In addition, they can cut a bit of weight off of your bike which is always a benefit. Every ounce counts in a race.

3. Trail Helmet

The right helmet can make or break your ride. When you are wearing it for hours at a time, it can make you more comfortable or seriously make you hate your life. A good helmet will have ample venting, goggle compatibility in mind as well as options like go pro mounts. $200 might seem like a lot to spend but if you love cycling, you will appreciate what you get for your money.

4. Wireless Ear Buds

A good set or ear buds will do a lot of things for you. When you are riding for hours at a time, they can help you maintain your rhythm with some good beats. In addition, the right set will help you still stay aware of your surroundings and stay in place as you sweat and move. Don’t skimp here. $200 is the entry level for a good pair that you will love.

5. Apple Watch

An Apple Watch can help you stay connected on the road and monitor your fitness. Track your workouts, your heartbeat and more. Shockingly, the older generation models have come down substantially in price. You can get them now for just under $200 and the price is well worth it.

6. Sunglasses

It used to be that I would never spend more than a twenty on a pair of sunglasses. I just could not wrap my head around those high cost options, how much better could the really be? It turns out, they are a lot better. Spending $200 on a pair of Oakley’s was one of the best things that I ever did. My field of vision is better with little to no distortion. In addition, they are so comfortable that I forget that I am even wearing them. Lastly, the price of the glasses is enough that I never forget them, which is something that I always feared.

7. Bike Trailer

If you have small kids, it is never too early to get them involved in the hobby. Dropping $200 on a nice safe and secure trailer can do just that. It not only involves your children but also gives you more time to ride. No more waiting around until you have a baby sitter or someone to watch your baby. You can go for a ride whenever you want.

There you have it, 7 great ways to spend a couple hundred dollars. I guarantee that you can not go wrong with any of these ideas. Even better, right now is the best time of year to treat yourself. With Cyber Monday just a few day away, you can get the most for your money.

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