Funding Cycling -Money, Loans, ETC

Cycling in Fresno can be an expensive thing if you let it. Sure, you could just get a cheap bike and a helmet and be done with it, but where is the fun in that. No, we want to get the best gear and we want the best bikes and we do not want to leave them stock. Everything needs to be modified. To top it all off, when you are all done buying everything that you need, a new product comes out which is the must have. It never ends. Unless you are made of money, you need to find a way to fund your bike hobby. Here are a few ways in which to do so.

Buy & Sell For Money

You know bikes and this gives you the ability to recognize quality bike parts and know what they are worth. How can you use this to make extra money? Easy, you can but parts cheap at places like Craigslist and sell them for a profit on online auction websites like eBay. If you are smart, you can easily double your money on bike parts. Just be careful about who you buy from. Bike theft is a big problem and you do not want to be contributing to it by buying stolen bikes or bike parts.

Take Out A Bike Loan

There is no shortage of companies willing to give you a loan that you can use for bikes and bike parts. Back when I lived in Texas, I would use payday loans and cash advances to fund my impulse buys. Not a smart move but I was super stoked about my biking hobby. A smarter alternative might be a store credit card at the bike store that you frequent the most. You can also find a nice major network card like Visa or Mastercard. Shop around for ones with cash back programs for even more buying power. Just be careful and make sure that you can make the payments and not carry the debt for years. It is easy to get in trouble with loans.

Work Some Overtime For Money

If you work an hourly job, consider working a few extra hours to pay for your hobby. Overtime money adds up quickly so make it known to your fellow employees and employer that you are willing to take on a shift whenever they need you to. If you are a salary employee, consider taking on a part time job. Even a job stocking a few hours a night can make all the difference in what you can afford for your cycling. In addition, earned money is way better for your finances than taking out loans to pay for it.

Make Money By Saving Money

Finally, you can always make money for your hobby by saving money. Instead of buying parts new, buy them used. Instead of taking your car to work, ride that bike and put it to good use. Even simple things like taking your lunch to work can add up in a hurry, allowing you to buy whatever you want when you want it for cycling.

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