Get Your Kids Interested In Cycling

We love our hobby and typically want to share it with friends, family and most of all our children. Getting your kids involved in cycling will have a number of benefits. In addition to being a great bonding opportunity, it is fabulous exercise. As we all know, kids today get far too little exercise so cycling is a great thing to introduce to your child. Here are some tips to get your kids into the cycling world.

Catch Them Early

This doesn’t just mean as soon as they can ride. Get a child carrier or trailer and take your child for rides even before they can pedal. Starting them off early assures that they will be very interested in bike riding just as soon as they can ride their own bike. Once they can ride by themselves, make a family bike ride a part of your family life a few nights a week at least.

Don’t Be Over Aggressive

Teaching a kid to ride can be a tough thing. Falling off of a bike can be very scary for a kid. Teach them to ride at their own pace, when they are ready to do it. Slow and steady wins the race and makes the act of riding a fun experience instead of something to be dreaded.

Stress Safety

Where any appropriate safety gear to keep your kiddo safe. This means a helmet and long pants at the least. Nothing will spoil your child’s enthusiasm for cycling like an injury or scraped knee.

Bring Snacks & Treats

Your kid won’t have the endurance that you do. Be sure to bring plenty of sacks and treat to eat along the way. Take regular rest brakes to keep biking fun. Watch for cues that your child is getting tired before they wear out completely. Look for them slowing down or getting cranky.

Don’t Be Disappointed

Some kid might just not like biking all that much. If you have one of those kids, accept it and don’t be insistent that they share in your hobby. Who knows, they might eventually come around.

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