How To Change A Bike Tire

Changing a bike tire is a skill that any bike rider should have. Male, female, teen, adult, you need to know how to change a tire and you should carry the tools needed to do it with you for those unexpected tire repairs.

Luckily, changing a bicycle tire is incredibly easy and something that anyone can do. Here is all that is involved.

First, you need to remove the wheel from the bicycle. Super easy on the front whee although the rear wheel will also involve removing the chain. Consult your owners manual to see how to remove the tire from your particular bike.

Next, you need to remove the tire with the help of a set of tire levers. Simply insert one lever between the tire and the rim and hook it to a spoke on the wheel. Now take a second lever and insert it a few inches down from the first point. You can now run the lever around the tire to separate it from the wheel. Remove the tire and set it aside.

Now it is time to replace the punctured tube. Remove the old one and replace it with a new tube. Push the inflation valve through the hole on the wheel and partially inflate the tube.

Next, you will replace the tire. First, check the tire to be sure that there are no sharp objects remaining in it that could damage the new tube. Place a part of the bead on the tire and work it around the wheel until it is fully seated. Repeat this step with the second bead and you are almost done.

Your final step is to inflate the tube fully and then you will be able to install the wheel back on the bike and go about your way.


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