Tips For New Cyclers

Getting into cycling? Here are a few quick tips that every newbie should know. 

  • Always Wear A Helmet
    Most injuries from cycling are a result of not wearing proper protective gear. Always wear a helmet to protect your head. This not only protects you but sets a good example for others, especially if you have kids.
  • Use Proper Gearing
    Learn to use your gears to keep you peddling at the right RPM, about 80 for most people. 
  • Shift Positions Occasionally
    Occasionally shift your grip or seating position during your ride, particularly on long rides. This will keep parts of you from going numb and keep blood flowing to all of your body.
  • Stay Alert
    You need all of your senses while riding. Don’t wear headphones and keep looking u so that you can see obstacles in the road. 
  • Dress Right
    Spend your money on some proper cycling gear that will keep you comfortable and dry on longer routes. 
  • Prepare For Emergencies
    Carry a cellular phone with you and enough cash to get you back to safety whenever you ride. Be prepared for that major biking malfunction that can put it out of commission. 
  • Join A Club
    The easiest way to make cycling friends is to join a local club. Organized rides are nice as well, there is safety in numbers. 
  • Get The Right Bike For You
    It might be best to save your  money and buy a bike at a bike shop where it can be properly fitted to you. It might make all the difference in how you feel about the sport.
  • Carry Basic Tools
    Always carry some basic bike tubes like wrenches, an extra tube and patch kits. This is particularly important if you plan to bike alone. 
  • Know Your Bike
    Know how to take everything apart and put it together on your bike. Practice before long rides so that you are not caught out in the elements trying to figure out a repair. 
  • Carry Plenty of Fluids
    Invest in a good camelback for longer rides. Water by itself is fine for short rides but for longer rides, you will want electrolytes and carbohydrates. 


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