Top Five Benefits Of Cycling

A man enjoying cycling

If you are reading this, you probably already get that there is a huge benefit to cycling, but why not recap. It is good for motivation on the days where you just do not want to get out there and do the miles.

Cycling is a great cardio workout.

A lot of us took up cycling in order to stay in shape and it does a great job of that. You get a great cardio and toning workout on a bike. It does not do much for building muscle but if you want to be long and lean, cycling is a great exercise.

Me myself, I use cycling in conjunction with weight lifting. That lets me buildĀ  a physique and keep it lean.

It is far easier on your body.

I used to run, and I can tell you firsthand about just how many aches and pains that you get from running, especially on hard pavement. I eventually started trail running to get off the pavement, but it still hurt the body.

Cycling is far easier on the back and the joints because yo do not have the jolting impact. This is especially true if you are a bigger person. My 200 pound frame has a much easier time with the bike than hitting the pavement.

You can use it to save money.

If you live an appropriate distance from work, you can use cycling to save you money. I take my bike to work about 2 days a week, on average. Those are days where I will not be paying for gas or putting wear and tear on my vehicle.

It keeps you from getting sick.

In this day and age, anything that you can do to build your immune system is well worth it. It can not be denied that exercise will do that and there are few exercises that are more enjoyable than cycling. This means that you will actually do it and increase your odds of staying healthy.

It let’s you socialize.

Group bike rides are a fantastic activity. I look forward to my weekend group ride all week long. Even though we can not socialize like we used to, we can still meet up as groups. Cycling lets us do that while still maintaining social distancing.

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